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The US ecnonomy doesn’t need more jobs, it needs effective hiring

From the time of the share buying rage of the 1920’s, seeking economic security has been priority for most Americans. Although we are in post-recession times, we are still feeling the pinch, particularly those of us who have the task of finding productive employees.

It is vital to get facts and statistics about job openings and economic stability, and Ben Casselmen’s article is true to the mark. Job hiring was at a zero point during the recession and the JOLTS reports are pretty reliable; we are approximately three years out of the recession and job openings are still at a minimum.

It is good to be optimistic, but Janet Yellen’s statement that, “Going forward, I would look for an increase in the rate of hiring,’ is not very realistic. It doesn’t veil the fact that employers are hiring less than they did, say, back in 2007 and that less persons are voluntary quitting their jobs whether their positions are satisfactory or not.

The article also states that it is unclear what the factors are holding back hiring, going on to say that employers have a difficult time finding reliable workers. This is true, and you don’t have to be a human resource manager to see that staff and customer service are not what they used to be!

The article goes on to say that some workers are confident enough to quit their jobs, but are still aware of the slim chances of finding suitable employment. Even though there are persons out there who are able to obtain employment, the fact that we are still recovering from a recession is prevalent. The hiring and job seeking venue is a chance for both employer and employee to take.

Obtaining satisfactory employment is tricky and, when considering an applicant for a position in your company, you the applicant to live up to their resume. The best way to secure proper productivity for your business is to step-up your hiring process and your employee assessment!

Technology is continually advancing as we read this with products geared toward making life easier. One branch of technology on the rise is the Applicant Tracking (ATS) system. To me, an Applicant Tracking System appears to be a human resource managers dream come true. It is a software program that practically does the work for you.

An ATS can be used to build a customized careers site on your company website, to posting job opening.  It can also scan resumes of prospective employees and even schedule interviews to potential candidates via email. The fact that almost 50 percent of average size companies and almost all big corporations have had success with an ATS is reason enough to consider it a worthy option when you make your next hiring decision.

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