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Tips for Hiring The Top MBAs

ImageWhen it comes to hiring MBAs, companies are all across the board. According to BusinessWeek, there is a significant reduction in the number of MBAs receiving job offers. This means that MBAs in general are headed to the back of the unemployment line like everyone else – though this is likely to change in the next several months.

Research was conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council in the first quarter where over 5,000 graduates across 33 countries were interviewed. Fewer had job offers than those in prior year. Areas that were down included finance, accounting, manufacturing and health care. There were some areas that saw gains, however, which included consulting, energy and technology.

Another survey was recently conducted with corporate recruiters and this was more positive. It showed that many were planning on hiring MBAs. This includes hiring more with an MBA as well as paying them more – up approximately $5,000 annually from 2012.

The areas that show the most promise for MBAs includes technology and finance. As the economy is turning around, companies are learning of the importance of hiring quality talent -and this often means going after those who have more education in a particular topic.

In the survey, it showed that U.S. companies have the greatest demand for MBA talent with approximately 85 percent of companies planning to hire individuals with such a degree – and this number increases to 92 percent in the Northeast region of the countryWhen you plan on hiring the top MBAs, you have to understand you have competition out there. What used to be an open market because MBAs weren’t getting the offers is now much fiercer. This means you will have to make sure you have something to offer the candidates – and take the time to go out in the market and find the talent you are looking for.

You cannot always wait for talent to come to you. It will be necessary for you to userecruitment technology to go in pursuit of the talent. When you are able to reach out to those with MBAs, you will be able to tap into more talent. You may even want to go out of your demographic area to find the right talent – and ask people to relocate in order to work for your company.

Regardless of whether you are actively searching for talent or you are waiting for talent to come to you, you will need to make sure you are tracking all of the talent properly. This way you will be able to see what you have without letting any slip through your fingers.

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