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Hire Efficiently: Employee Referrals

August 23, 2013 Leave a comment

When a company doesn’t have enough of qualified employees, productivity suffers. When productivity goes down the tube, so does the business’ ability to maximize profits and satisfy their customers’ needs. While recruiting employees via online job boards, newspapers advertisements and career fairs is fine, an employee referral program can be a way to help fill many open positions in your company.

Benefits of Referral Programs

Employee referral programs have been used by companies for decades to fill jobs. Employees who participate in these programs understand that the people they refer reflect on them. For this reason, new hires that are referred by current employees, tend to be of higher quality. If an employee’s reputation is at stake, she is less likely to refer someone who is unqualified or lazy.

Since people tend to associate with others in their profession, an employee referral program can be especially helpful when available positions require highly specialized skills and are hard to fill through other recruitment methods. In addition, when you use employee referrals to hire workers, it can reduce the need for newspaper ads, job fairs and other pricey recruitment tactics.

A referral program can be as simple as asking current employees if they know someone who might be qualified to fill a particular job. However, when you use this type of approach, the results are often lackluster. Employees want to know what’s in it for them. If they aren’t getting anything out of the deal, they are not likely to exert their energy trying to help.

Best Type of Referral Program

An ideal referral program emphasizes benefits to employees. They will also have systems in place to reward workers, track the success of referred employees and discourage unqualified referrals. Generally, the most successful programs offer some type of monetary reward for workers who refer people who stay longer than three months.

The amount of the reward must be significant enough to motivate employees, but not so much that it encourages them to recommend people who aren’t qualified. The kind of system you use will depend on the nature of your business and the kinds of things that motivate your employees.

Not having the right kind of employees can cost your company big. Using employee referrals is a reliable way to keep a pool of passive candidates to fill open job positions. In the end, the profit potential your company will gain from having qualified workers will outweigh the cost of the referral bonuses used to reward loyal employees.


Get Social With Your Recruiting Practices

August 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Social recruiting, via social media sites, will change the face of hiring from here on out. This is not only a real way to recruit and hire, it is actually one of the most popular ways today to weed through prospective employees and find the right fit for your company.

Many companies are having difficulty recruiting, even in our tough economy, because they are not utilizing all the tools that are available to them. Using social software allows you to recruit more effectively in today’s market.

As Katy Stewart of the Houston Business Journal puts it, nearly all hiring managers are looking to social media profiles during the hiring process. It can make hiring managers’ lives easier as they can truly see how a candidate is, outside of the interview chair.

In Stewart’s article, she quotes Ian Avington, the career services director of Everest Institute, at Houston Bissonnet, who says that, “Social features can be useful during a job search, allowing users to tap into myriad networks and uncover connections and opportunities.” Avington added, “But if used incorrectly, social media can also hurt the success of job searchers and prevent potential career opportunities.”

Avington notes that about 98 percent of companies today are using social recruiting to monitor social media profiles of their applicants.

Hiring managers and recruiters need to keep in mind that in order to stay modern and keep up with social recruiting and hiring methods, they need to utilize the best types of technology and latest platforms out there to find and cultivate talent. An integral type of this technology, one that is evolving, is the Applicant Tracking System. This social recruiting software simplifies the hiring process. It allows companies to customize the system to match their workflow, and it easily promotes your available jobs through job boards and other aspects of social features. You can also review resumes and hire qualified talent, tracking every step along the way.

The benefits of the Applicant Tracking Systems go way beyond simply tracking applicants. Companies can also integrate background checks into the system, social recruiting software features, career planning, and even performance reviews and management after the applicant is hired. Companies, most specifically the human resources department, can track a new hire from the application phase through performance reviews. This will allow hiring managers to track their success, and see what type of impact social media recruiting is having on their business.