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In House Recruiting Tips: Use an ATS

September 6, 2013 Leave a comment

When it comes to recruiting, you have a big decision to make. Do you use an outside recruiter or an in-house recruiter? Many companies around the globe use external recruiters, but it’s not necessarily the best idea. According to Douglas Merrill of Google, the biggest mistake that a company can make is hiring based upon technical skills alone.

Culture is a big part of every company. Those with strong cultures are those that do better in the marketplace. The way that the employees interact with each other inside of the business is a big deal. Knowing how a person interacts, what their work style is and what their overall ethos is like must be part of the hiring process.

By using an external recruiter, it’s hard to find out what makes a person tick. The recruiter is going to go based solely on technical skills and some basic personality traits that you have deemed necessary. As a result, the person that is hired may not be a good mix for the culture you have cultivated inside of your business.

If you have an in-house recruiter, they are going to be within the four walls of your business. They will understand the culture because they are part of it. This allows them to sit down with candidates and determine whether they are going to be a good fit or not. No one has to tell you that turnover is expensive, so you want to try and minimize it as much as possible.

The idea of taking your recruiting in-house may sound less than thrilling. This is because you have to manage the entire process on your own. Internal recruiters are not expensive, but they are going to pay for themselves – especially when they are hiring multiple people. Just consider how the average recruiting agency takes 20 percent (or more) of the new hire’s salary. You won’t have to pay that when you have your own recruiter – you just pay a flat salary and let them do their job.

There are tools available in the marketplace to help with the recruiting. An applicant tracking system will help you to manage the resumes coming in. You will be able to obtain all resumes, search through them, and even mark the ones you like. You can then follow the hiring process with them from start to finish.

In-house recruiting is going to result in better employees with a lower turnover rate. Plus, with an applicant tracking system in place, you can be sure to dig through the resumes faster and more effectively.