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What Will Hiring Technology Look Like in Ten Years?

There is a lot of new technology emerging in the HR world. With all of this new technology is a new way of looking at the hiring landscape – and this has resulted in a shift in the way that companies hire new employees. The future of hiring holds even more promise of being different. There are several things that companies can look forward to seeing within the next 10 years.

Job descriptions are no longer going to be laden with skills. More companies are learning that skills and experiences don’t always predict how a person is going to perform. It’s more important to prove that a candidate is motivated and competent. This will add diversity to the job pool and take out some of the issues in regards to age, race and gender.

Performance-based matching is also going to be seen more. Artificial intelligence will play a role in order to match people not only on keywords but on their ability to perform within a specific environment. Applicant Tracking Tools are already available on the market. This allows you to search through an available pool of employees using specific terms to be able to pull the ones you think will do the best for a specific open position.

It will also be possible to auto-engage people with career opportunities. Instead of waiting for someone to come to you, you will be able to come to them by using various tools to show you when someone is looking for a new job. You will find that their LinkedIn profile is being updated, they have bought books on job hunting, and they are attending more events within the industry. You can get to these people before other companies do in order to get the best talent.

The future also holds the probability where people will become investments instead of costs. Many companies are concerned with turnover and training right now. There will be larger public and private knowledge databases available in the future – and this can ensure that people have the information they need at their fingertips.

There will also be changes in the way candidates make decisions. With more technology and more information available to candidates, they will be able to look at short-term and long-term factors in order to create a better balance. They will look at factors beyond compensation to determine whether they will be happy and be given the opportunity to grow.

Things like the applicant tracking system are available to you now. In the near future, you can look forward to more tools and technology to help you with hiring the best possible people.

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