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Recruiting For the Healthcare Industry

As a healthcare company recruiter, it is your job to only hire the best professional who will get the job done. You’ve used most of the hiring methods out on the market. Yet, for some reason, you are not getting the talented candidates to fill the open role of healthcare IT staff.

What’s going on? Is it a lack of qualified talent? Are there fewer people seeking a profession in IT?

On the contrary. IT professionals are out there, eagerly waiting to take part in the growing job market as they search for the company who will offer them job security and the pay they desire. Companies everywhere are scooping them up at an astounding rate as technology advances.

The problem may in fact be your hiring practices. Many recruiters are relying on outdated hiring software and methods. Streamlining hiring technology by using an Applicant Tracking System to screen and manage online resumes can allow you to find the right applicants quickly

Another major problem is that recruiters are using a very narrow hiring window. They are specifically looking for professional candidates with a certain number of years of experience as an IT worker and education in the healthcare field. Using such narrow criteria significantly cuts the candidate pool in half as two groups of people are left out in the cold.


  • IT professionals who recently graduated from college do not have the experience for the position.
  • Expert IT professionals with 20 or more years of experience do not have the healthcare knowledge wanted for the position.

Operating your hiring practices under such a narrow criteria will affect the number of candidates looking for a job. There are perfect employees out in the IT world who would eagerly work with your company with the compassion and dedication you want for the position. The only thing stopping them is the years of experience and having healthcare knowledge.

If you want to increase your IT staff, you may want to consider expanding your criteria. Having a “green” employee just out of college gives you the opportunity to mold them into the company, as they are more receptive to following company policies. In addition, this candidate wants to show you that they can handle anything that is dished out at them. They can be an asset because they haven’t developed any bad habits from previous employment that you have to break.

As for seasoned IT professionals who have the experience you are looking for but not the healthcare experience, all you have to do is supply the industry knowledge. These employees will bring all the skills they know to the job while having a more open perspective about what you require. While they may be set in their ways for certain circumstances, they want the job opportunity and career change that will revitalize their work ethic.

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