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Applicant Tracking System of the Future: Responsive Web Design

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Applicant Tracking System of the Future: Responsive Web Design

NextNewton has become “responsive”  by adapting to different screen size variations automatically, whether you are running your recruiting program from your mobile, tablet, or desktop – Newton fits all size variations.


Common Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

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Hiring a new employee can be one of the most exciting and one of the most stressful times for you as an employer. After all, it’s an opportunity to make an improvement in regards to your company’s productivity, yet is also poses a slight risk in regards to hiring the right person. The list below will reveal five common hiring mistakes you should avoid and thus give yourself a great chance of hiring success:

Don’t hire friends and family:

It is often tempting to hire friends and families, either your own or those of your current employees. However, hiring from this pool of individuals can become quite problematic. First of all, the familiarity with you can lead to a new employee taking liberties they should not or even not doing the job for which they are hired. Secondly, if a confrontation is needed, it will be uncomfortable when it involves someone with whom you have a relationship outside of work. Just thinking of how uncomfortable the next family get together will be if you have to fire your favorite cousin should encourage you to avoid making this common hiring mistake.

Look beyond first impressions:

Although it is common to make a snap judgment on a potential employee based on your first impression, it is important that you look beyond this initial impression. For example, a potential employee can have a great handshake and an overall pleasant personality but may not be the best person for the actual job. Therefore, it is best to look beyond your “feelings” about a person and examine their real-world abilities thus ensuring they can accomplish the job in question.

Ask the right questions:

According to Matthew Kaufman, who is the head attorney at Rocket Lawyer, there are many questions that should be avoided due to the potential for legal issues. For example, according to Mr. Kaufman, the federal government prohibits employers from making hiring decisions based on a person’s genetic information, political affiliation, age, national origin, veteran status, disability, sex, religion, ethnicity or race. Therefore, questions pertaining to these issues should be avoided.

Check references:

A potential candidate can seem perfect for the job on paper but can actually be a poor fit for the job in question. To ensure a potential employee can do the job correctly, take the time to check their references from past employers. This one step can save you a lot of hassle down the road.

Create a clear hiring policy:

The final mistake some companies make when hiring employees is not defining a company hiring policy. An unclear hiring policy will lead to confusion at best and could end in legal problems at worst. If you are unsure how to create such a policy, hiring a professional management consultant is wise.

Avoid the five elements listed above to give yourself a great shot of hiring success.

Also be sure to employ one of the best Applicant Tracking Systems possible to find and reach out to potential candidates, as this is the first step to good hiring – making sure you get the right applicants in the door.

Get Predictive Information on Job Applicants

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