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What to Consider When Hiring New Employees

You’re probably very well aware that good employees make your company more successful. After all, it’s often through employees that you find sustainable growth. A bad employee on the other hand, is an entirely different story.

When you hire a bad worker, you can plan on losing about 30 percent of that person’s first-year of potential earnings. So, this means if the person is expected to make about $30,000 during his or her first year, you’ll be losing upward of $9,000. Take three or four bad workers, and the losses add up very quickly.

To combat the problem of hiring the wrong workers, many companies are seeking out alternative hiring methods. And with Google turning to emotional intelligence like it has over the past couple years, it makes perfect sense that these companies are turning to it as well. Emotional intelligence involves five major components:

  • Self-awareness
  • Motivation
  • Social skill
  • Empathy
  • Self-regulation


If a person has high levels of each of the qualities listed above, then he or she is likely to fit in well with almost any company as well as provide sustainable growth.

It’s time that you realize that being “book smart” doesn’t necessarily qualify a person to be a good employee. This isn’t to imply that a high IQ won’t go a long way in making an employee a good one; however, it is to say that being smart and possessing a wide range of characteristics goes a long way in making a good worker valuable to your business.

Problems Solvers Do Just as the Title Implies

When you employ workers who are emotionally intelligent, this usually means that they are ‘problem solvers.’ And although they take the time to notice problems, their ultimate goal is to find solutions to them. Not only do they want to find solutions to them, but they want to do so in a quick manner, which means higher levels of productivity for your business.

Managing Emotions is Key in Running a Successful Business

All humans have to deal with emotions, and while some are more emotional than others, emotionally intelligent people know how to properly handle the pressures of life. Did you know that “90% of top performers are skilled at managing their emotions in pressurized situations in order to remain calm and in control?” Stress affects each and every person, but those who know how to deal with it–those who are emotionally intelligent–are the best types of workers to employ.

Finding Emotionally Intelligent Workers

There are all types of people who are emotionally intelligent. When you start your search for such workers, remember that some will come from the outside, while others can be found at home, meaning internally among the workers that you already have.

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