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4 Common Corporate Recruiting Myths

When companies are hiring, the ultimate goal is finding the top professionals and best talent. While there are some factors that can help set candidates apart, certain myths and misunderstandings have developed that only complicate the process. By understanding the myths associated with hiring, it is easier to find qualified and capable candidates who may not fall into a particular category.

Only Ivy League Candidates are Exceptional

An Ivy League education does not automatically qualify a particular person or suggest that the individual is better than someone who may have an education from a college or university that is not as well known.

Look for candidates from unexpected places. You may be surprised to find that some of the top professionals were educated in public schools or even trading schools. Education is only one factor to consider during the hiring process and some of the most exceptional individuals did not attend Ivy League universities.

Trip Them Up During the Interview

The trick question that interviewers sometimes throw out to candidates may provide some unexpected answers, but it does not always find that gem that is expected. Realistically, a hiring manager is more likely to find that gem by asking consistent questions and focusing on skills, education and experience during the interview.

Avoid questions that are designed to trick the candidate during an interview. It only throws off the pace of the interview, wastes time and eliminates individuals who may be better for the position than someone who came up with an interesting answer.

Avoid Contacting Candidates who are not Hired

A huge myth is to avoid candidates who are not hired for a particular position. By using the applicant tracking system, it is easy to keep in touch with candidates who may be better qualified for a different position than the one that they initially applied for. Stay in contact with potential candidates, even if the position was filled. It is likely that future positions will need talented professionals and staying in touch can make it easier to connect with those individuals.

It is important to separate the myths from the tools that work. The process of finding the top talent is more complicated than just looking for the top schools and ignoring the rest. It is a process that require technology and consistency.

Use Traditional Tools for Evaluation of Skills

The idea that a white board or a chalk board is enough to evaluate the skills of a candidate is not appropriate. Hiring managers need to use the most up-to-date tools and technology to find highly qualified candidates.

Use an applicant tracking system to connect with appropriate candidates and keep in touch after a particular position has been filled. Use computers and technological tools during the interview to test specific skills. Get rid of the white board and use updated technology.

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