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Responsive Recruitment Software on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Hiring managers and HR personal can now enjoy the benefits of optimized web viewing on any device, thanks to Newton’s highly responsive Applicant Tracking System.

Newton has recently updated their version of the Applicant Tracking System which will allow users to experience high visibility of the product on any tablet, smartphone or internet browser without the hassle of procuring apps to use it.

The company gave the system a complete over haul giving it renewed user abilities. The real jumpstart is the utilization of HTML5 that is restructured to suit mobile use. This version of Newton is offered as an automatic upgrade for existing users and all customers will be included in the new system over a period of several weeks.

All web accessible information should be conformable to the screen size of a device, no matter how that particular device is designed. Newton created a user-friendly product for recruiters and hiring managers. Their product adjusts and re-positions itself to accommodate the size of the screen.

Newton’s Head of Marketing and Co-Founder, Joel Passen relates that restructuring Newton’s HTML5 was a challenging task which took more time and mental energy to create than any other program since Newton’s debut. He goes on to say that the genius behind the upgrade puts Newton – its supporters and staff as well – on a higher technological platform than its competitors. The re-architecture will be virtually impossible for vendors to imitate.

The HTML5 up-grade will be a platform that paves the way for new features and functionality every month and a half to two months for the rests of 2014.

Newton is an applicant tracking system specifically created for hiring managers and recruiters of small to mid-sized companies that optimizes their on base hiring program.

Trying to read, scroll and generally maneuver any web information on tiny screens has always been challenging for people who use devices, especially on the go. I can state that the remaining populace of tablet and mobile users is green with envy at the advantage hiring personal have with this program.

This is well said for the program in itself but, being realistic, it doesn’t completely make up for the full viewing advantage of a desktop or standard size laptop.

Resizing is a definite plus and great quick-referencing is better than having no alternative at all, however, it stands to reason that this is great for applicant profile reviewing and chat-style interviews, but the greater part of the hiring process would have to be performed in person, or on large screen as I mentioned earlier. I wouldn’t suggest relying on this completely; the internet system may give out at the wrong moment.


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