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Have You Considered Hiring Internal Candidates?

Many companies put far too much effort into their external recruiting processes and not enough into promoting and retaining the top talent that is already contained in their workforce. Neglecting to mine this talented field of individuals is a mistake, as it will often produce the best candidates. The benefits of hiring internal candidates are numerous and the it results in lower recruitment costs as well.

They Know Your Business

An outside candidate will never know your business as well as someone who already works at the company. Internal candidates already have the inside scoop on critical software and project related processes. Thus, they won’t require as much training or time to get their feet wet. Additionally, internal candidates have the soft-skills needed to get along with the team. They already know the key players and how to best interact with them to get the job done.

They Have Passed the First Test

Candidates who are inside your walls have already proven that they have what it takes. If they are succeeding at their current position, odds are very good that will succeed at the new one as well. Additionally, they have a proven track record of attendance and likely won’t leverage the job offer against another company in a salary bidding war.

The Talent Pool Increases

It’s amazing how many companies with highly skilled talent pools fail to fully comprehend it until the talent leaves. By promoting a policy of hiring within, managers and key leaders can better identify the truly talented workers and keep them at the company. Failure to adapt a strong internal hiring policy causes these skilled workers to move on to your competitor. On the flip side, by rewarding current employees by facilitating their growth, companies also raise their reputation in the work force. Therefore, top workers from other companies are more likely to view you at the place that they now want to work too.

How to Promote Internal Hiring

Once an employer makes the conscious decision to promote internal hiring, they must have the proper technology in place to assist with the process. Properly utilizing an applicant tracking system can help to identify the talent that your company already possesses. If data is retained for all employees, managers and human resource departments can easily identity current employees who fit the criteria for open positions. In addition, company leaders must communicate this internal hiring culture to all senior staff and management team members. It is ultimately those individuals who can make internal recruitment a success by helping to cultivate the careers of their direct reports.

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