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Hiring by Committee – Will It Work For Your Business?

When a position opens up within your company, of course you want to do everything you can fill that position with a qualified and motivated worker as soon as possible. According to Business Insider, the best way to make this happen is to form a specialized hiring committee that can focus their efforts on finding the ideal candidate for the job, conducting interviews, and coming to a consensus over who will be the best fit for the company.

However, a hiring process is only as successful as its committee. Read on to explore tips for setting up a hiring committee.

Choosing the Right Members

The first and perhaps most important step in creating a hiring committee is selecting the right people for the job and delegating responsibilities properly. Specifically, all hiring committees should have a Chair–a person who will lead the group and oversee the general hiring process.

All members of the committee should also be assigned specific duties. These duties should be carefully outlined so that there is no confusion over who is responsible for what. Furthermore, since there are bound to be disagreements among committee members throughout the process, it’s important that a written plan for handling conflicts be put in place ahead of time.

Defining Assessment Criteria

To prevent committee member bias and to ensure that everybody is on the same page, it’s also a good idea to set forth specific candidate assessment criteria before the hiring process begins. Hiring managers and committee members should be responsible for agreeing upon assessment criteria as a group.

Following interviews and correspondences with candidates, all committee members should be prepared to make comments on whether or not a particular candidate met the agreed upon criteria.

Using the Right Technologies

These days, there are so many programs out there that can help employers scope out potential candidates and track applications. These technologies, such as Applicant Tracking Systems, can save employers and their hiring committees a great deal of time. And when you run a business, time equals money. No employer these days should go without one of these programs while looking to hire a new employee.

Deciding on an Interview Format

Another important part of putting together a successful hiring committee is to agree upon an interview format that will work best for the company. Sometimes, this will be based on the number of qualified candidates applying for the position.

For example, when dealing with a large group of candidates, a group interview may be best for the initial stages of narrowing down the pool. For smaller groups, one-on-one interviews may be ideal. Either way, all committee members should be aware of their responsibilities during the interview.

Setting up a hiring committee is something that should be taken very seriously. By following these tips, any business owner can set up a more successful committee to find the right talent.

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