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4 Hiring Problems Your Company Needs to Overcome

Job seekers in search of employment are similar to single people who are in search of love. Each fears the unexpected as well as the unknown and the prospect of rejection is quite daunting. Both groups are desperate to meet expectations and present themselves in a positive light. It’s a race to impress and when one doesn’t present himself in an adequate manner, he is dismissed from consideration. What most employers don’t realize is that they are in a position that is similar to that of job seekers. While employers conduct interviews, they are also being interviewed by job prospects as well. Companies need to put their best foot forward in order to lure the most qualified candidates.

Write A Thorough Job Description

Organizations on the prowl for new talent should spend ample time creating a thorough job description. When describing an open position, organizations should provide extensive details about the position’s responsibilities, qualifications and expectations. Those that fail to adequately describe the job will end up recruiting a pool of candidates who are unclear as to what the job is really about and whether they’ll enjoy it. They might not know that they aren’t a good fit for the position until it is too late and the result will be a waste of everyone’s time and effort.

Avoid Quick Hires

Applicants are leery of employers who offer an open position immediately after an interview. It reeks of desperation and prospects question whether they’ll get slammed with an avalanche of work when they set foot in the office. Prospects want to feel like they’ve been vetted and cautiously considered for the position. Otherwise, they’ll feel neglected and possibly disrespected. Applicants study the company that is hiring, so the company should thoroughly study their applicants as well.

Always Reach Out To Those Who’ve Interviewed

After someone comes in for an interview, the employer should follow up with some sort of communication. Employers should call, e-mail or snail mail a message thanking the applicant for his time and explaining whether they’ve chosen another candidate or that they’d like him to come in for a second interview. Employers that fail to perform a quick follow up will frustrate job seekers and potentially ruin their own reputation within the community. Applicants want to know if they are still in consideration for the opening after an interview. If they never hear back, they’ll be discouraged from re-applying for another position in the future.

Not Making Use of Technology

Hiring managers can make use of high tech solutions to simplify the hiring process. Software like the applicant tracking system (ATS) makes the search and response process simple. This software can post job openings to various websites and navigate through the responses to identify prospects that businesses are looking for. Hiring managers will love the fact that they can establish an ATS to list openings, search for applicants with specific backgrounds and even send automatic e-mails to candidates about interview requests and their hiring status. This way, candidates always receive a timely follow up and know where they stand.

More importantly, high tech solutions like ATS make it easy for hiring managers to find the talent that they need. For example, if a company is looking for candidates with an MBA, 10 years of experience and a fluency in Spanish, the software can find those applicants in a moment’s notice. The end result is a system that searches for talented prospects much more efficiently than a team of human resources employees.

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