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How Intelligent Is Your Current Hiring Process?

It’s easy to be lured into hiring someone whose resume sparkles or who can furnish glowing reviews from some of the biggest companies out there. It’s equally easy to get sucked into the simplicity and cheapness of Craigslist hiring. Unfortunately, neither cost-cutting nor basing your hiring process on the shiniest prospect will yield the best results. Instead, hire smart using these ideas.

Match Prospects to the Job

When looking for new candidates, always ensure that you’re hiring the best person you can find for the job instead of simply targeting the best person you can find. The difference between an excellent candidate at a huge, well-established and wealthy company and an excellent candidate at a startup is significant, says Forbes Magazine. Instead of playing a narrowly defined role, a startup employee will likely have to wear many hats, including interacting with potential investors or clients. Look for friendliness and flexibility as well as on-the-job chops.

Work Smart With Staffing Agencies

Using staffing agencies can be a great way to find hidden talent and avoid the tedious process of weeding out unqualified candidates. They use streamlined technology and considerable connection to find the best prospect for any job. However, keep in mind when you sign up for services that staffing agencies keep a large chunk of what you pay, so for the initial period (often 6 months or longer), you will need to pay significantly more for that employee than you otherwise would. Because of the rules of most agencies, you cannot cut them out if they find your employee for you.

Use an Applicant Tracking System

Don’t rely on file boxes full of overstuffed folders. Instead, move your hiring process into the digital age with an applicant tracking system, or ATS. This is a piece of software that keeps all your hiring details in one place, from job description information to potential candidates. An ATS is a well-oiled machine that follows candidates all the way through the interviewing, screening and hiring process and even provides extras such as potential screening questions and resume processing abilities.

Find Good Advisors

You’ll only attract the cream of the crop if you offer what the cream wants. Forbes advises finding trusted insiders who can tell you how to snag ideal candidates by putting together a competitive compensation and benefits package. Instead of simply offering the moon, which you might not be able to afford anyway, target what each candidate will want depending on their job description and length of time in the workforce, then offer that.

The hiring process doesn’t have to be demanding, opaque or annoying. With some well-placed technology and a smart approach, it can be a breeze.

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