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Are Your Hiring Managers Ruining Your Brand?

A recent article by the Harvard Business Review talked about the rise of rude hiring managers seen across the job market. When you are looking to talk to job applicants, it is critical that your hiring managers are not being rude. They may be rude without even being aware of it, so you want to take the time to look at the practices in place.

At least one in every five job applicants have a horror story about being given assignments for a job and then not getting the job. These “assignments” can include anything from proposals to five-year plans to working in the location to see how one responds to the overall environment. In the end, even though a person meets all of the criteria, they are told that the company is going to go in a different direction.

When a person is asked to jump through hoops and then ultimately not given the job, it can leave a bad taste in their mouth. They can focus their energy on sabotaging the business on many levels – and when you are trying to become a more successful company, you don’t want such a thing to happen.

An Applicant Tracking System can be used to keep all applicants organized as they come in. You can figure out what characteristics are the most important and then search the applicants based upon these. You can even allow hiring managers to ask the applicants to do something as a way of seeing the eagerness of the applicant and their outcome. However, all should be logged into the tracking system so it is fair.

When such a system is used, it also allows hiring managers to deliver a better response when someone is not ultimately chosen for a job. Instead of feeling like they have been “taken” by the company, they can feel as though they had a fighting shot and simply wasn’t the one that was chosen.

Harvard Business Review suggests streamlining the hiring process and using both good manners and common sense. The process should be transparent to all the applicants. A timetable should be established for making a decision, and updates should be given periodically. Any “tryout” requirements should be limited and explained at the very beginning. All applicants being considered for a position should also be given a definitive response within the timeframe.

Rudeness should simply not be permitted by your hiring managers – it can ruin your companies brand, as each of those job applicants will voice their opinion about it. It’s best to identify a timeframe to adhere by. Studies have shown that the decision making process has increased dramatically in recent years. With an Applicant Tracking System and a simple plan, you can ensure hiring managers don’t come across as rude and applicants know just what they need to do to be considered for a position.

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