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Need to Take on IT Hiring in 2015?

While almost 75% of tech professionals think the companies they work for will have a greater IT need in 2015, only 56% of those same professionals believe their companies will increase spending for IT. According to an article, “IT Hiring, Budgets In 2015: 7 Telling Stats,” in informationweek.com, the people operating a number of companies believe they can handle rising demand for IT services without using more money to do so. That makes using the very best technology and newest platforms, including the Applicant Tracking System, and a good strategy, vital.

Many companies are not hiring IT professionals. Only 30% of companies anticipate hiring new IT professionals in 2015.

In today’s world, the increasing IT demand isn’t only about increasing the number of BI reports. It is also about doing new things to lower costs and help companies grow, including using mobile apps for data analysis, to spot new opportunities, build new customer ties and increase revenue.

New highly virtualized data centers, which allow for remote management, will eliminate some IT jobs. IT companies won’t have to spend as much time manipulating physical boxes.

Todd Davis, CIO for Choice Hotels, was quoted in the article in Information Week as saying finding infrastructure professionals among IT professionals is one of the hardest tasks there is because of the complexity of the data center.

Using an Applicant Tracking System can be useful. A modern day ATS software can store information about IT candidates, monitor all candidates throughout the hiring process, post job openings on a job board or corporate website, generate interview requests by email, use source tracking, and to pre-screen questions.

In additon, an Applicant Tracking system can find the best professionals, quickly, by recruiting and identifying them. It can improve the speed of hiring and the quality of new employees, while using fewer resources.

Choice Hotels provides an example of a company growing by investing in IT, including people. The IT staff is being expanded by 100 people, or 20%, primarily in Phoenix. The company has used reservation system upgrades because of international expansion and cloud platforms.

“We’re looking for people who can bring new thought to the table as we push into new markets and come up with creative ways to address our technology needs,” Davis explained in the article.

Is your company one of the 56% of companies that will increase its IT budget, the 33% making no changes, or the 11% reducing its budget? Maybe you will self-fund new development projects, or even eliminate IT projects, waiting to see what the future holds.

Whatever your company is doing, it pays to use the best software tools and to have a good plan in place.

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