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Is Your Business Hooked Into The Talent Community?

Next generation applicant tracking technology has the potential to revolutionize your human resources department. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) facilitate the hiring process by sorting through voluminous information to pinpoint ideal candidates for open positions. One particularly helpful aspect of this technology is its interview scheduling tool. The tool is often offered via cloud based hiring software platforms. Some are even pre-integrated right into e-mail services like Google Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook.

Applicant tracking interview scheduling tools make it much easier to schedule interviews. Everyone who has worked in human resources knows just how complicated and annoying interview schedules can become. They take up a ton of time to properly coordinate. Oftentimes, interviews end up overlapping when they shouldn’t. Sometimes they are double booked for the same time slot. It’s an irritating process to say the least. Thankfully, interview scheduling tools are now integrated into ATS software to make the interview process as easy as possible. Most of these programs are quite simple to set up and are built with state of the art user experience designs.

Interview scheduling tools are programmed to perform a variety of functions. They can build interview teams and determine each’s availability from a single screen. This tool even extracts information in real time right from corporate calendars. The tool also empowers users to build automatic invitations within the ATS. All it takes is a little bit of time to customize an e-mail template and invitations can be generated with ease. The tool auto-fills important information like names, titles and directions. Candidates are then invited to an interview and the system even sends e-mails to confirm these scheduled interviews.

This next generation applicant tracking technology is even configured with smart alerts that notify interviewer schedulers if an interviewer has confirmed the date and time of the meeting or if a rescheduling is necessary. This makes the interview scheduling process incredibly efficient. Recruiters who take advantage of this tool will no longer be saddled with the burden of scheduling meetings with candidates.

Companies that stay modern and take advantage of this next generation applicant tracking technology will find that they spend much less time scheduling interviews. It’s the perfect digital hub to replace your traditional calendar that has caused so much drama and irritation in the past. Aside from improving a human resources department’s organization, next generation applicant tracking technology’s interview scheduling tools will reduce costs. Firms will no longer double schedule interviews and miss out on a potential candidate who might have been the “rain maker” that the organization needed so desperately. Organizations that take advantage of this technology will also spend less on overhead as they won’t have to rely on employees to schedule interviews and manage the interview calendar.

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