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Have You Gone Mobile with Your Recruitment Process

In order to find the best prospective employees, recruiters must meet people where they are looking for jobs: on their mobile devices. The rest of the world has gone mobile, and it’s time for hiring managers to take advantage of the trend. According to a Jobvite Survey, 43 percent of job seekers used their mobile devices during their search for a new position. Here’s how you can reach out to these mobile job seekers.

Post Jobs on Social Media

If you’re going to reach job seekers on their mobile devices, then you first must post job listings on the sites seekers are using to find positions. In addition to listing openings on your company’s site, post them to social media. LinkedIn is a favorite among recruiters, but most job seekers who use social media turn to Facebook. Jobvite’s survey found that over three-fourths of people who found their current position on social media saw the listing on Facebook.

Use Mobile-Friendly Online Applications

Job seekers should be able to fill out the online applications that your company uses on the same phones and tablets that they are browsing social listings on. In Jobvite’s findings, 27 percent of job seekers said they wanted to be able to apply for jobs directly from their mobile devices. If you don’t already have a mobile-friendly online application, revise your application page so that it:

  • is responsive
  • doesn’t require a lot of typing
  • lets users easily upload their pre-written resume and cover letter

Enter Applications into an Applicant Tracking System

Each application you receive should be automatically entered into an applicant tracking system. Not only will such a program ensure you have all applications on file for the legally required amount of time, but it will also organize applicant’s resumes and cover letters. Your online application can have fewer forms, which are annoying to fill out on a mobile device, because the applicant tracking system can read and organize any documents applicants upload.

Text Prospective Employees

The next step in the hiring process is to contact candidates whom you’d like to interview. Traditionally, contact between hiring managers and applicants has been limited to phone calls, emails, letters and in-person interviews. Texting is quickly becoming an accepted way to communicate with job seekers, though, and it is a much more efficient means of conversing.

If you’re a hiring manager, think about how you might embrace the mobile world in your hiring process. Start by posting openings on Facebook and using mobile recruiting apps. Who knows, you may even want to begin using texting to reach potential candidates.

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