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Does Your Business Use a Pre-Employment Personality Test?

If you have any input into your firm’s hiring decisions, you likely understand the importance of personalities and how they mesh with the company culture. While choosing the candidate with the right educational background, work experience and technical skills is important, his ability to integrate himself into your firm’s unique culture is often what matters the most. We all want to hire true team players who can get along with their co-workers and superiors. This is why a pre-employment personality test is so important.

Culture Matters

Fitting into a company’s culture is important for the organization as well as its employees. The truth is that certain personality types work well together while others do not. Overly friendly extroverts tend to thrive in sales environments that are heavy on communication while introspective introverts excel in organizations that value independent thinking and working in a solitary manner. If a new hire fails to immerse himself in the workplace and assimilate to the organizational culture to a meaningful extent, he’ll likely search for a new position or under-perform until he is eventually terminated. Companies are now using big data to avoid such a nightmare scenario.

The Benefits of Pre-Employment Personality Tests

The challenge of hiring is to find the best candidate with the ideal personality that is a match for the open position as well as the company as a whole. Unfortunately, determining the personality traits of a candidate during a half an hour interview is quite difficult. Pre-employment data analysis has the potential to predict whether an employee will stick with the job and get along with others in the working environment. These assessments allow human resources employees to evaluate the personalities of candidates and gauge how they’ll perform within the company. Pre-employment personality tests are beneficial to both the job candidates and the organization. After all, prospective employees do not want to spend 8 hours a day in an environment that they detest.

Use Technology to Facilitate the Hiring Process

Don’t let your organization fall behind in recruiting and hiring methods. If you don’t incorporate high tech solutions into your employee search process, you’ll end up wasting time, money and effort as you cycle through candidates and new hires who are better served working elsewhere. Take advantage of the full suite of software products designed to help organizations pinpoint the perfect candidates. Rely on pre-employment personality testing programs to pose pertinent questions that identify candidates with the ideal traits and skills for your organization’s open positions. Incorporate applicant tracking systems (ATS) as well. They’ll help you sort through the overwhelming amount of prospect data, coordinate an interview schedule, auto-email candidates and more. These technologies improve the efficiency of human resources departments while simultaneously pairing the overarching organization with the ideal job candidates who will truly fit in with the already established culture.

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