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Finding the Right Candidate for the Job

December 2, 2013 Leave a comment

Does the applicant really deserve the job? This is a question that many employers find themselves asking each time they are faced with a tough decision to make. Many would use skills and experiences as their main criterion in choosing the appropriate candidate. But this principle isn’t applicable in most scenarios. If anything, there are lots of witty ways that you can use in landing the right person. Explore the tips below and see how they can be helpful in your case.

Relying on technical expertise doesn’t always yield the expected results. In such a case, the person turns out to be less productive contrary to the indications on the papers. When you come across a person whose vision and ideas are in agreement with your own, then you know that you have finally found the right fit. So how should you get there?

The kind of questions you ask. An interview can be compared to a person’s first date. There is always that feeling of strangeness amongst the two parties. The kind of questions that you ask should be witty so as to help you have an idea about the applicant. Open ended questions are the best way to achieve this. An undeserving applicant will always strive to demonstrate that they are the best in the field. They are not just the sort that teamwork is made off.

What do others say about the candidate? Possibly, you might have rushed into conclusions. Let those with whom the applicant will be working have a one-on-one session with them. They might just spot out something in him/her that you had not opened your eyes to. Listen to their views and if they concur, just nod in secret knowledge of agreement.

How well can they get along with others? That is the power of soft skills. The best people to provide you with this information are former employers and those that have interacted with them. Therefore, don’t fail to include this in your recommendation inquiries.

Engage them in an argument. What is ones sense of reasoning? Can they defend their approaches to a particular issue when faced with opposition while composed? It is conceivable for one to have a brilliant project idea but fail to sell it to the team mates. A good employee should be able to bring out ones point of view without getting frustrated or worked up easily. This doesn’t mean that they should be overbearing and unreasonably defensive.

At the end of the day, it is all about getting the best person for your company. With the modernity of our lives, engaging the applicant face-to-face isn’t just enough. Get the most out of technologies like Applicant Tracking Systems to help you identify and cultivate real talent the real way.


5 Top Interview Question for Employers

June 27, 2013 Leave a comment

The interviewing process can become burdensome. However, it is a necessary evil in order to find that diamond in the rough. To find the ideal fit for your company, you may have to interview more individuals than you would like, but the end result of hiring the right person for the job is worth the effort. The following are some ideal questions to ask during the interview process:

What is your greatest strength and weakness?

It is imperative you find out the strengths each applicant will bring to your company while making sure their weaknesses will not become problematic.

Ideal answers to these questions could include strengths such as being able to manage their time well or understanding your business thoroughly.

Although it would be great to hire an employee without a weakness, everyone has some weaknesses. However, if the applicant is willing to improve upon their weaknesses and these issues will not prevent them from doing their job, a weakness does not have to mean they are ineligible for the job.

How do you handle stress or pressure?

It is important to find out how a person will handle the pressure and stress that will inevitably be part of any job. It is even more important to ask this question if your work environment is laden with stress and pressure.

The ideal answer to this question would involve the applicant sharing his or her experience dealing with high-pressure situations. The applicants response to the question will reveal their ability to properly manage stress.

Why are you leaving your job?

It is important to find out why the applicant is leaving or has left their previous job. There are many positive reasons for an individual to seek a new job. However, it is important to make sure they were not fired from their previous place of employment as this is a red flag.

Ideal answers to this question involve needing a new job due to relocation, being laid-off, not feeling challenged enough in their previous position or feeling as if they have hit the ceiling in regards to their achievements at their present job and are looking to expand their horizons.

Why should we hire you?

This question gives the applicant a chance to share their positive attributes. They can share their background or previous experience highlighting why they are the best person for the job.

Ideal answers to this question involve the applicant sharing how their skill set will fit nicely into your company.

What are your goals and how do you define success?

This allows you to find out what is truly important to the applicant. If making money is their only priority, they will likely move on to another opportunity eventually. However, a true team player is more loyal.

Ideal answers to this question will have the applicant define success as accomplishing their job while working as a team alongside other employees. They could even express their desire to move up the ranks within the company by saying they will gladly learn and accomplish tasks above and beyond their job description.

The above questions are great ways to find your ideal employee.