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Responsive Recruitment Software on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

May 23, 2014 Leave a comment

Hiring managers and HR personal can now enjoy the benefits of optimized web viewing on any device, thanks to Newton’s highly responsive Applicant Tracking System.

Newton has recently updated their version of the Applicant Tracking System which will allow users to experience high visibility of the product on any tablet, smartphone or internet browser without the hassle of procuring apps to use it.

The company gave the system a complete over haul giving it renewed user abilities. The real jumpstart is the utilization of HTML5 that is restructured to suit mobile use. This version of Newton is offered as an automatic upgrade for existing users and all customers will be included in the new system over a period of several weeks.

All web accessible information should be conformable to the screen size of a device, no matter how that particular device is designed. Newton created a user-friendly product for recruiters and hiring managers. Their product adjusts and re-positions itself to accommodate the size of the screen.

Newton’s Head of Marketing and Co-Founder, Joel Passen relates that restructuring Newton’s HTML5 was a challenging task which took more time and mental energy to create than any other program since Newton’s debut. He goes on to say that the genius behind the upgrade puts Newton – its supporters and staff as well – on a higher technological platform than its competitors. The re-architecture will be virtually impossible for vendors to imitate.

The HTML5 up-grade will be a platform that paves the way for new features and functionality every month and a half to two months for the rests of 2014.

Newton is an applicant tracking system specifically created for hiring managers and recruiters of small to mid-sized companies that optimizes their on base hiring program.

Trying to read, scroll and generally maneuver any web information on tiny screens has always been challenging for people who use devices, especially on the go. I can state that the remaining populace of tablet and mobile users is green with envy at the advantage hiring personal have with this program.

This is well said for the program in itself but, being realistic, it doesn’t completely make up for the full viewing advantage of a desktop or standard size laptop.

Resizing is a definite plus and great quick-referencing is better than having no alternative at all, however, it stands to reason that this is great for applicant profile reviewing and chat-style interviews, but the greater part of the hiring process would have to be performed in person, or on large screen as I mentioned earlier. I wouldn’t suggest relying on this completely; the internet system may give out at the wrong moment.



Hiring Software Upgrade

April 24, 2014 Leave a comment

Hiring Software Upgrade

Newton Continues Momentum with New Version of Hiring Software.

Applicant Tracking System of the Future: Responsive Web Design

February 10, 2014 Leave a comment

Applicant Tracking System of the Future: Responsive Web Design

NextNewton has become “responsive”  by adapting to different screen size variations automatically, whether you are running your recruiting program from your mobile, tablet, or desktop – Newton fits all size variations.

Get Predictive Information on Job Applicants

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Stay Calm and Use More Hot Sauce

December 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Stay Calm and Use More Hot Sauce

Interview with Joel Passen of Newton Software

March 11, 2010 Leave a comment
Joel Passen is the co-founder and VP of marketing at Newton Software, an innovative recruiting software and applicant tracking company that is changing the way we recruit.  He shed some light on his product, how it’s different from everything else in the recruiting software space, and how applicant tracking is constantly an evolving field.

[Guru] Joel, thanks for agreeing to the interview.

[Joel] The honor is mine. I read your tweets.

[Guru] You guys claim to have the easiest to use applicant tracking software. Easy-to-use – I hear this all the time. What makes Newton any different?

[Joel] Frankly, most vendors can’t really explain what makes their software easy-to-use. We can. Newton is easy-to-use because it has recruiting DNA built in. This is particularly evident when you look at Newton’s workflow. It’s flexible and is designed to work the way that recruiting works.  So, from day one, our customers get an application that is smart and understands what they are trying to do. This smart, flexible workflow also allows us to enable critical features like automatically tracking EEO and OFCCP data, sending thank you letters to every candidate and providing real-time analytics.

With Newton, on day one, you get a login, get your job listings online, do a short walk-through with one of our product specialists and that’s it- you’re ready to go. Giving Newton to hiring manages is simple too. And, it takes just minutes to get them entirely set up. Tell them to hit the green button if they like someone and the red button if they don’t. They love it and they use it which makes life easier for recruiters.

[Guru] So, you can activate Newton in a day?

To us, easy-to-use translates to easy to activate – easy to get started. We don’t require customers to wade through paperwork or sign their first born away to get started. And, even better, it doesn’t take much training at all to get started with Newton. Recruiters are up and running in an hour and training a hiring manager takes a matter of minutes. We activate 95% of our customers, soup to nuts in less than 24 hours. And, activating Newton is 100% free – no activation or implementation fees. Oh, and we don’t charge for support either.

[Guru] Ok, so what do you charge for?

(laugh) We have tiered pricing plans at Newton and charge for only staffing users. Hiring managers, interviewers, executives and HR stakeholders are all considered general users and we encourage companies to create as many general users as they want for free. And, we never require long-term contracts. Newton is a month to month service, pay as you go. This forces us to earn our customers’ business every month and holds us accountable. We’re forced to provide a stable platform and to continually strive to make Newton better, to be innovative, to listen. We have a saying here: “We design software that we’d want to use and we sell it the way we’d want to buy it.”

[Guru] With this type of model, how do you make money? How do you compete?

Well, my simple answer is that we charge people to use our software Guru. And, we have quite a few customers so we’re doing really well. But, I know what you’re really asking – how can we survive? Listen, we’re pioneering a trend that’s taking place not just in the applicant tracking space but in the software industry as a whole. With the availability of common platforms and open source tools combined with pure internet distribution models, delivering software is getting more efficient every day. Simply put, it’s gotten cheaper to offer better technology and we’ve built our company and business model reflect the times. Plus, we don’t have the baggage that our competitors have, the debt, the huge teams to support, the fancy offices, the tradeshow booths. We don’t need to charge exorbitant prices or charge for training implementation or any of that peripheral stuff that makes buyers weary.

[Guru] What do these new models mean for the recruiting software space?

Well, for the buyers of applicant tracking software, these new trends are great. There’s finally some innovation in the market. It means that software is getting better and less expensive at the same time. Buyers like that. It’s a buyer’s market and it will remain this way.

As for the vendors, this means that they are going to have to find ways to adapt. The competition is going to continue to increase as new vendors come on line offering innovative technology delivered in more economical ways. It’s going to get harder before it gets easier for vendors that aren’t prepared to adapt to the new software economy.

[Guru] So what’s next for Newton Software? Are you guys heading into Talent Management or the HRIS space?

Well, as you know, we just released Newton RPO, a version of Newton designed for recruitment outsourcers. We’ve actually had customers using this edition since 2008 but just recently started to market it. We’re comfortable in the recruiting software space. We know recruiting and there are other opportunities in this space.  Otherwise, we have a full product roadmap for scheduled for Newton for the rest of the year consisting of some really killer new features that continue to focus on improving and simplifying recruiting. Beyond that, we have some plans for a new product that we’re not talking about at the moment. You’ll have to stay tuned.

The Art of the Free Trial

August 4, 2009 Leave a comment

free trialAh, the free trial.  We see those enticing words, ‘free trial,’ plastered across various mediums in our everyday lives, from medication commercials to pop-up ads to highway billboards.   The concept of the free trial is simple.  A customer gains free access to a company’s product or service for a specific amount of time, and during this time they are exposed to the possibility of paying for continued use.   In theory, the free trial makes perfect sense for both buyer and seller.  The buyer has a chance to try out a product without making a monetary commitment.   The seller is given the opportunity to ‘showcase’ their product and demonstrate why the customer could simply not live without it.

Unfortunately, there are a mixture of good free trials and bad free trials out there.   Some trials are simply there to ‘net as many fish in the sea’ as possible and depend on a small percentage of people who forget to click ‘unsubscribe.’   Some  trials are built on the placebo effect, leaving customers unsure of whether the product actually is working or not.

There are good ones out there too though.  Some trials efficiently and effectively allow a customer to try out a product and provide the tools to evaluate performance.  These are the businesses that have confidence in their product winning over users.   The following is  a list of both bad and good, with a concentration on (but not limited to) software technology trials.  Feel free to add your own free trial experience to the list, as I’m sure everyone has attempted the art of the free trial.

The Bad

Jeff Paul’s Shortcut to Internet Millions:

I’m sure we’ve all seen Jeff Paul’s stupefyingly horrendous infomercial, narrated by two bikini clad women and wrought with accounts of how users instantly became millionaires .    It’s almost mesmerizing to watch the stuff, although after a few minutes it becomes difficult to stifle your gag reflex.  The product claims to generate huge profits for its users in a matter of weeks.  In reality, you simply will be given the ability creates several link-farm websites and then be placed on a call list so the company can attempt to scam you out of more money.

Worlds of Warcraft:

The current king of massive multi-player online role playing games, Worlds of Warcraft (WoW), offers a 10 day free trial to experience an immersive online fantasy world.  This is certainly a great opportunity to play WoW for free and have a incredible amount of fun.  The problem with this one is WoW’s level of addictiveness – once you try it out for ten days straight, you may experience depression, fatigue, and mild nausea upon quitting.  I recommend this one only for the strong willed (or those willing to give up their girlfriend/job).


The ‘once a day tablet for natural male enhancement’ is by no means a piece of software, but I thought I’d place it on the list anyways as a prime example of a bad free trial.  Enzyte gives men the free chance to ‘enhance’ themselves with a thirty day trial.  The clear goal of this is to take advantage of the placebo effect among men with low self esteem.

The founder of Enzyte, Steve Warshak, got what was coming to him in 2008, convicted to 25 years in prison for conspiracy, fraud and money laundering.  Unfortunately, the product still exists and seems to be advertising more than ever.

The Good

Go to Meeting is an online web conferencing tools that allows a business to easily organize and attend online meetings.  The 30 day free trial provides real exposure to the product, with most the of the main features available for use right away.  Using this trial will let you know whether GoToMeeting is something your business could viably use as an ongoing conference tool.

Adobe Software Trials

Adobe allows all of it’s cutting edge software to be trialed before purchase.  Whether you are looking to design, edit, cut or clip, Adobe’s various software has long stood as the industry standard.  Because the software can run pretty high in price, it’s a great policy to try it out before making the purchase.

Newton provides smart online software for a business’s hiring, recruiting, applicant management and applicant tracking needs.   They provide a 30 day free trial for a company to immediately get started with announcing job openings, reviewing resumes as well as tracking and analyzing hiring programs.  This is a great opportunity for a business to test out a no-hassle recruiting software solution and gain an edge in talent acquisition. CRM

Saleforce’s customer relationship management software (CRM) is a reliable and proven technology that lets a business manage their customer information, activities and conversations. The company offers a 30 day free trial that offers full access to the software’s many features.  This free trial is a perfect way for a business to test drive the most popular CRM out there.