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Newton’s Hiring Software Optimized for Mobile – Coming Soon

March 5, 2014 Leave a comment

Newton’s Hiring Software Optimized for Mobile – Coming Soon

Soon, Newton will be the only Hiring Software that functions the same, no matter how you connect to the Internet.

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Get Predictive Information on Job Applicants

February 3, 2014 Leave a comment

Get Predictive Information on Job Applicants

Get predictive information about job applicants and whether they fit the bill for your company: #HR #recruiting #job

Smart Corporate Hiring using Cutting Edge Software

January 8, 2010 Leave a comment

There was a time back in the day, when folks looking for jobs circled the help wanted ads in the classified section of the newspaper. They then showed up at the job site to fill out an application and were called in for an interview. Today, the help wanted ads have been replaced by online job sites like Monster and Craigslist. Companies have turned to outside firms to fill their staffing needs. And smart recruiters are utilizing professional hiring software programs to streamline the applicant process. With the constant need to be competitive in this global marketplace, the demands of company and industry staffing have never been more crucial. A qualified recruiter should meet those demands head on with an expert hiring software system.

As companies downsize and reorganize in these turbulent economic times, they are going to need a staff that can keep up with increasing levels of productivity. This might mean current employees taking on more assigned tasks. More importantly for recruiters, it could also mean identifying those prospective applicants who can rise to the challenge of a new diversified workplace environment. If hiring software provides easy access to complete information about a new hire then you’ll be able to meet the needs of management without wasting anyone’s time.

Here’s what you should look for with a complete hiring software program:

  • Ability to Integrate Databases and Contact Information: Hiring software should help you merge the data you collect from applicants into easily accessible formats. This will help you instantly target specific areas of staffing needs from upper management to service.
  • Defines Personal and Interpersonal Competencies: As any human resource representative will tell you, technical competency is not always the primary reason for terminations. At lot of the success of an employee is based on their ability to work with others, manage effectively and maintain a professional attitude. A hiring software program should provide you with the resources to evaluate those qualities and track them through the employee’s performance history. This information is also helpful to have on hand after you’ve evaluated prospective applicants and keep them on file for future hiring possibilities.
  • Aids in the Interview Process: A decent hiring software program should provide you with a complete interview tracking system which will allow you to focus in on the specific areas of needs for your clients. Making the initial applicant interview as simple and as complete as possible can help facilitate what will surely be a large number of applicants for a few positions.
  • Manage Evaluation Conclusions: A solid hiring software program should also allow you to easily correlate all the  information you’ve gathered. You should be able to categorize and target those  applicants who have shown the highest aptitudes.

Just as an auto mechanic needs to reeducate themselves about hybrid car engines, a successful recruiter needs to stay ahead of the curve with the best tools at their disposal. Hiring software that allows you to perform your role as recruiter at peak proficiency will insure you own job security.