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Be Creative When Seeking Your Next Job Applicant

June 2, 2014 Leave a comment

Today’s market is more competitive than ever before and the way that you stay on top of the competition is by hiring the top technology talent. This is easier said than done. You know what you need, but it may be harder to recruit the talent than you thought. The difference between you becoming the next Apple and the next washed up app company is the right talent.

Being creative can help you to hire the right talent and there are various ways for you to go about this.

Consider sponsoring a hackathon for the coders in your area. This has become a popular way to look for tech talent because it shows you what people are capable of doing. It also positions your company well within the community so that people know where to go when they need a job.

Think about creating an un-career fair, which is the opposite of what a standard career fair is, complete with long lines and resume gathering. With an un-career fair, you can keep things more intimate and focus on learning about who the candidates are and what they have to offer. You can build better relationships and even have food and drink to help promote some socialization.

Use social media in a unique way. Create a hashtag on Twitter for people to wow you in 140 characters or less so that they can be considered for a job position that you have open. Run a contest on Facebook where you generate ideas. Ask for resumes to be sent to you in a unique format so that you can see graphic design talent right off the bat.

When you get more creative, it can help you stand out as a company that people want to work for. It’s not always about how much money you can offer. At the end of the day, the top tech talent wants to be where the fun is at – which may explain why Google installed a slide at their headquarters. You need to prove to the job market that you have a fun place to work and that can be done starting with the recruiting process that you use.

Once you figure out a way to get the resumes coming through the door, you can use Applicant Tracking Technology to stay up on who is capable of doing what so that you can sort through the resumes faster and get a job offer out to the ones that you don’t want to slip through the cracks.

When you can stay organized and creative, you have the best chance of capturing the best that the tech world has to offer when it comes to qualified candidates. Only then can you grow your company and be more successful against the competition.


How to Use Social Media for the Best Hiring Results

April 4, 2013 Leave a comment

social media hiring & recruitingHiring practices for human resources departments and hiring managers are evolving. It is important that you stay on top of these developments to find and attract the top talent for your company. There are many tools emerging that help people connect and inform each other about their professional experience. How do you know which ones to use and how much value to place on the information that is available from them?

Evaluating these mechanisms can seem to take as long as the evaluating the job applicants you want to bring onto the team. However, we have to go where the people are in order to keep current and get the most out of the field of potential employees. If you aren’t moving at the speed of the best applicants when they check in on your and your company would they evaluate it as their best potential place of employment? Methods for hiring that are antiquated send signals that your company might still be operating like it is the stone age, in which case candidates might look to companies that reflect more modern technological savvy.

As always, it can be hard to know what social interaction are legitimately valuable from a distance and which are just chatter on the airwaves. Does your company currently take advantage of social media to except applications or seek out people that might be a good fit? There are many ways you can use social media to find employees but some a designed to connect professionals. Others can provide a lot of usual information for those in human resources. Hiring is a complex process, making sure that no one is wasting their time is important on both sides of the meeting table.

Services such as Klout and Kred are excellent ways for people to centralize and measure their connections plus social interactions into a standardized form that others can participate in as well. The upside to these services is that they offer a metric that is attempting to be a reflection of the aggregate value of how influential or reputable an individual may be in comparison to other candidates in the field applicants. One negative element is that applicants that do not engage with a professional online community will have lower scores than those that are taking the time to reach out. Hiring staffers could interpret this person as being less valuable than someone with a higher community score but this does not truly mean they would are less qualified. Of course, in this age there are many places looking for employees that openly evangelize.

Many companies are using applicant tracking software, especially systems that have social media hiring features. This technology allows companies to track an applicant across the web and to corroborate information for themselves. In this way it is possible to customize a solution that works for a particular set of needs which are not those of a social network outside of the company.